Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be notified when a Catalog item changes?

The Latestver log features an RSS feed which can be used with the free service IFTTT to receive notifications or trigger automated actions.  Learn how.

Privately deployed versions of Latestver features in-built webhooks.  See below.

How do I add a new Catalog item?

This is a hosted edition of Latestver where the catalog items are curated.
You may request new entries by posting a message to the project's community —

Alternatively... you can deploy your own copy of this software with Docker for a custom catalog, webhooks, project tracking, and admin access.

How does Latestver lookup versions?

The catalog supports various mechanisms to monitor version updates...

  • Git repository release tags
  • publications
  • NPM registry entries
  • Web-page pattern matching/scraping
  • Ruby modules for custom entries, such as Oracle Java

How can I deploy my own copy of Latestver?

Please review the project's README on GitHub.

What extra features do privately deployed editions have?

Custom Dependencies

Feature git


Feature webhooks

Project-level Tracking

Feature groups